Houston Business Network | Marriott West Loop | 1750 West Loop South @ San Felipe
Make Thursday Your  Best Business Building  Day.
If   you're   searching   for   a   great   networking   opportunity,   look   no   further, you've   found   us.      The   Houston   Business   Network   is   a   new   category exclusive business networking organization. Our   focus   is   to   share   business,   referrals,   support   &   education.      We   will also     emphasize     social     activities     to     build     friendships     among     the members.      Friendships   create   trust   and   trust   creates   referrals.      We'll get   to   know   each   other   at   the   club's   luncheons,   dinners,   happy   hours and a catered Christmas/Holiday party. The   morning   networking   meetings   will   be   held   every   Thursday   morning from   7:00AM   to   8:30AM   at   the   Houston   Marriott   West   Loop.      Early   birds are welcome to come at 6:30 for some pre-meeting networking. Because   we're   new,   several   categories    are   still   available.      I   promise, category   availability   won't   last   long.      HBN   membership   will   grow   quickly to   our   35   member   limit.      We   will   soon   be   Houston's   Premier   Business at Breakfast Network.  Do   your   business   a   favor,   join   us   this   Thursday   and   be   a   part   of   the best business networking group in Houston. Finally, click on this link below to register for our next meeting: REGISTER TO ATTEND
Houston Business Network
Marriott 1750 West Loop @ San Felipe